of the decision process

and business opportunities

in the Middle-East

HUB1 is the gateway of expertise on the Middle-East


The world is entering an unprecedented period characterized by a new balance between the technological strength of developed countries and the growing wealth of emerging markets. Among the latter the Middle-East has gained legitimacy forged by an impressive expansion over 30 years, carried through ways that are not always just those of the West and not totally those of the Far East.

A unique network of local relations

built through over 12 years of work and able to open all the key doors in the region

Our mission : building bridges for companies between the Middle-East and the West


A highly qualified team is deployed around four domains of expertise :


  • Knowing the Middle-Eastern specificities
  • Developing strategies for success
  • Negotiating with the local public authorities
  • Finding win-win agreements between new partners
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